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Prosci Certification

Build your competency in applying a structured approach for implementing change through this research-based, interactive three-day program. Navigo delivers Prosci’s change management certification program onsite to organizations.


Change Management Coaching

Translate change management knowledge into improved ability to achieve organizational results. Change Management Coaching is appropriate for Change Practitioners, Sponsors or Managers leading change initiatives with high impact on employees.



Experience the challenges of an 18 month change journey in our one day workshop. Learn both the “what to do” and “how to do it” of successful change using a hands-on, interactive simulation. Navigo delivers the ExperienceChange program onsite to organizations.



People. Progress. Performance.


Change is happening in your organization and you are likely facing faster, increasingly complex and more cross-functional change than ever before. But are your change initiatives delivering the expected results? Research shows that 94% of projects with excellent change management meet or exceed objectives, compared to 15% of projects with poor change management.*

Change management is a structured approach for driving adoption and usage so that change initiatives deliver the expected results and benefits. By effectively applying change management, your organization can meet or exceed the objectives for every change initiative, while building competencies that increase the organization’s capacity to deal with the ever-increasing volume of change.

Navigo Consulting & Coaching helps individuals and organizations develop the ability to successfully navigate changes that are critical for business success. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we are a Prosci Authorized Training Provider that provides onsite programs to increase the competencies of people throughout organizations to effectively implement and sustain change. We also provide coaching support and consulting services to help our clients bridge the gap between change management knowledge and ability.

*Prosci Best Practices in Change Management Benchmarking Report, 2016 Edition



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