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Prosci Fundamentals of Change Management


Intended for:  Decision makers wanting to deepen their understanding of change management

Key benefit:  Develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts and benefits of effective change management

Length:  One day

Delivery:  Navigo delivers this program onsite for organizations

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Program Details

This highly interactive program provides participants with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and organizational benefits of effective change management. Participants apply five tenets of change management to their change initiatives to build awareness and desire for change management.  

  • Senior leaders evaluating how change management can benefit their organization
  • Members of key stakeholder groups that are impacted by organizational changes
  • High-potential leaders who want to increase their understanding of change management fundamentals
  • Change agents who need to understand fundamental concepts and establish a common language with change practitioners
  • Project team members who need to understand the benefits of applying change management on their projects

Participants will:

  • Establish a shared definition of change management and how it impacts organizational outcomes
  • Understand the value of change management
  • Learn and apply the five tenets of change to an initiative
  • Develop a commitment to action plan

Every participant receives:

  • Change Management: The People Side of Change
  • Program workbook, assessments and handouts

The Foundation of Successful Projects

  • Both project and change management are required for successful change

1. We Change for a Reason

  • Identify internal and external driving forces for change
  • Recognize that change is a process, not an event

2. Organizational Change Requires Individual Change

  • Individual change enables organizational change
  • Identify impacted groups and how their roles will be affected by change

3. Organizational Outcomes are the Collective Result of Individual Change 

  • Three human factors for measuring individual change
  • How change management can mitigate negative consequences
  • The people dependency of the ROI for a change

4. Change Management is an Enabling Framework for Managing the People Side of Change

  • Establish a shared definition of change management
  • Apply diagnostics and assessments
  • Top contributors to change management success
  • Three phase organizational change management process
  • Roles in change management
  • Dealing with resistance

5. We Apply Change Management to Realize the Benefits and Desired Outcomes of Change

  • Likelihood of project success increases if we apply a structured approach to manage change

​Engaging Now: Action Plan and Next Steps

  • Develop a commitment to action plan


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