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Change Management Training

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Provincial Governement Agency


The agency was about to experience significant change as a result of significant revisions to government policy. They had a new leader, who was hired from the private sector to lead the implementation of changes the agency would need to make to comply with the new policy. He recognized that managing the people side of the changes would be critical to the agency’s success. One of his first priorities was the need to develop the change management competencies of the agency’s leaders and managers.


Navigo’s role was to:
  • Develop awareness of the business benefits of managing the people side of change.
  • Influence the desire to build individual and collective capability.
  • Provide individuals with the knowledge necessary to lead change.
Navigo began by delivering the ExperienceChange simulation to develop awareness and influence desire amongst the company’s executives, senior leaders and managers. The senior leadership team then participated in the Prosci Change Management Program for Sponsors to gain a practical understanding of the critical role they would perform as sponsors of change in the agency. Finally, Navigo, delivered the Prosci Change Management Program for Managers to the agency’s managers, to equip them to lead change with their teams.


Post-program surveys were conducted to assess participant satisfaction levels with and value obtained from the training programs. The survey feedback was uniformly positive, with a common theme that the participants felt better equipped to fulfill their roles in the change process. 

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