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About Us

Then and Now

Navigo Consulting and Coaching was founded in 2003 by Andrew Horlick, Heather Lehmann and Sheila Bouman. They built a company that integrated change management consulting, coaching and training services to improve the ability of organizations to implement changes critical to their success. Navigo became the premier boutique change management firm in British Columbia.

Navigo’s approach has evolved, over time, from providing expert-based consulting services to helping organizations develop the competencies of their people to effectively implement and sustain change. This evolution reflects our belief, based on extensive experience and best practices research, that the ability to effectively manage change is a core competency for organizations. A key milestone in Navigo’s evolution was becoming, in 2011, an Authorized Training Provider for Prosci’s globally recognized change management training programs.

In the summer of 2019, Prosci Canada purchased Navigo’s license to deliver Prosci’s change management training programs. All Prosci training in Canada is now managed by and delivered through Prosci Canada. Andrew Horlick of Navigo continues to instruct Prosci programs, under contract with Prosci Canada.

What we do

Navigo helps individuals and organizations develop the ability to successfully navigate changes that are critical for business success.

Who we work with

We partner with a broad range of public and private sector organizations to support them to develop the change management competencies of their leaders, managers, change practitioners, project managers and employees.

How we do it


  • Delivers change management training.
  • Coaches individuals to translate change management knowledge into the ability to achieve organizational results.
  • Supports executives and senior leaders to become more effective “people leaders”.
  • Advises organizations on how to build enterprise change capability and improve success rates for their change initiatives.

Why choose Navigo?

  • Andrew Horlick, Navigo’s Principal Consultant, is a change practitioner with over 30 years of client experience. He draws on that experience to support training program participants and coaching clients to develop their skills. He is a Certified Change Management Professional™.

  • Andrew is a Prosci Master Instructor and has delivered Prosci’s suite of change management programs for hundreds of participants since 2011. He now instructs the programs for Prosci Canada.

  • Andrew is also a certified coach and has assisted executives, senior leaders, managers and specialists to successfully fulfil specific roles in support of organizational change initiatives.

Our Team

Principal Consultant

Andrew Horlick is a change leadership expert with more than 30 years of experience supporting individuals and organizations to achieve sustainable business results by addressing the “people side of change."

Business Manager

Susan joined the Navigo team as Business Manager in 2017.

Navigo Consulting & Coaching

16160 109 Avenue
Surrey, BC
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