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The ability of organizations to effectively manage change initiatives and realize the benefits is a source of competitive advantage and critical for long-term success. Navigo partners with clients to help them develop organizational change capability.

Organizational change capability

Building the change capability of an organization requires more than just training and follow-up coaching. It also requires:

  • An enterprise change management strategy

  • Organization-wide adoption of a structured change management approach

  • Measuring benefits realization for each change initiative

  • Continuously improving change management performance

What we do

Navigo helps organizations to:

  • Assess current and desired levels of change management maturity

  • Design and implement an enterprise change management strategy

  • Integrate project management and change management approaches

  • Build and apply change management scorecards for measuring benefits realization

  • Audit change management performance against best practices and identify improvement opportunities

How we do it

We use a “coach approach to consulting” with our clients, which means:

  • Navigo provides advice and guidance on how to apply Prosci’s best practices research, enterprise change management tools and site licenses to build change capability.

  • Our clients develop and implement specific strategies for building change capability that will be effective for their organizations.  

This approach ensures clients are committed to and take ownership of the strategies they are implementing.

Who should I contact?

To learn more about Navigo’s consulting services, please contact:

Andrew Horlick

Navigo Consulting & Coaching

300-1055 West Hasting St.
Vancouver, BC
V6E 2E9

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