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Very informative.  Learned a lot about analyzing the process, identifying where you are and creating a plan to move ahead.          

Sean, Tolko Industries
Prosci Change Management Certification Program for Managers, March 2018

Loved this course, learned so much and Andy was an awesome teacher/facilitator/ coach.  Thank you for all the awesome resources!        

Trushna, PHSA
Prosci Change Management Certification Program, April 2018

This was a well-delivered program, starting with amazing planning, preparation and delivery.  Excellent course!  Thank you, Andrew!

Dana, BC Government
Prosci Change Management Certification Program, March 2018

This was a very well designed and delivered course.  I am truly pleased with my learnings and take-aways!           

Tanya, BC Government
Prosci Change Management Certification Program, March 2018

Program’s greatest strengths: great facilitator; clear and robust materials; and demonstration of practical applications.  You were awesome Andy.  Thanks!    

Mike, Vancity
Prosci Change Management Certification Program, February 2018

Many great tools and concepts that help to build and prepare for sucess on the people side of initiatives.  

Prosci Change Management Certification Program, February 2018

Navigo coaching services has provided me with an invaluable source of information, advice and feedback. My skills and abilities as a manager and member of an executive team have benefited greatly from having a sounding board to bounce ideas off, a ready source of advice about how to effect positive change in the workplace, and a means to receive open and honest feedback about my performance. Spending an hour every couple of weeks offers the same or greater benefits to my learning and performance as I could hope to achieve by investing the time and expense of a classroom style management course. It is a great arrangement for me, and I highly recommend it to others.

Rebecca Reid
Regional Director General, Pacific Region, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Excellent, formal framework for change management that was easily understandable via simple-to-follow and concise materials.  Sophisticated and conducive to learning.

Telecommunications company
Experience Change

Working with Andy has been a pleasure. He is professional, organized and detail-oriented in his preparation. As a facilitator we found him highly engaging with an extensive knowledge of change management and an approachable nature. I was particularly impressed with the amount of content he was able to cover while keeping the delivery fresh and interesting.

Brett VanderHoek
Corporate Services Supervisor, Tolko Industries
Andy Horlick

What a great program. I had a colleague in another health care organization ask me if I'd recommend Prosci and I said 'Yes - strongly!' Andy, you are a fantastic instructor.

Project Manager, health care
Prosci Programs

Excellent program -- informative and practical with immediate relevance to the work I do.  The practical application of theoretical learning through breakout groups and use of e-tools is especially valuable.

Director, health care
Prosci Programs

The Prosci certification program provided an excellent foundation and toolkit for the practice of change management.

Change Management Consultant, Electric Utility
Prosci Programs

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