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A senior internal consultant, responsible for providing change management support on a major change initiative, recognized that the organization needed to do a better job of measuring benefits realization. Like many organizations, as soon as a change would go live, everyone involved with the project would move on to the next change, without measuring whether the desired benefits were actually achieved. There was a desire to implement, on a trial basis, Prosci's change management scorecard.


Navigo’s role was to:

  • Develop internal knowledge of the scorecard framework.
  • Provide advice and guidance on developing the scorecard for a specific project.
  • Support the application of the scorecard on a broader basis.

Navigo acted as an advisor to the senior consultant. We advised on a strategy for engaging the project team for the initiative, assisted with organizing a scorecard workshop and provided access to a Prosci expert resource to obtain feedback on the proposed scorecard.


The intial scorecard has been developed and is being put into use. This scorecard will serve as the example for additional scorecards that will be developed for other projects in the healthcare authority.

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