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Leadership Effectiveness Coaching

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Senior Manager, Engineering Services Company


The senior manager leads a rapidly growing business group within his company. The company was concerned about the manager's ability to effectively lead the expanding group and offered support by providing access to a coach.


Navigo’s role was to help the coaching client:

  • Get an understanding of his leadership strengths and improvement opportunities.
  • Build on the strengths and address the improvement opportunities.

We began by building the client's trust that the coaching was not remedial, but intended to help him realize his full potential as a leader. To get an objective perspective, we interviewed twelve stakeholders who worked with the coaching client to obtain their insights regarding his strengths and improvement opportunities. From the interviews, we identified common themes and shared them with the client. We then helped him identify a few critical behaviours that were limiting his effectiveness. For each behaviour, we worked with the client to identify practical actions he could take to address the limiting behaviours.

The coaching client then shared the common themes and improvement actions with key members of the stakeholder group. The objectives of having the coaching client engage the stakeholders were:

  • To demonstrate that he had heard the feedback and was committed to take action to improve as a leader.
  • To involve the stakeholders in his development by having them provide additional suggestions for improvement.

The coaching is ongoing and is focused on helping the coaching client follow-through on his action plan.


Follow-up interview with the stakeholders will be conducted to confirm, from their perspective, that the desired improvements have been achieved.

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