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Let's Change the Way We Talk About Resistance to Change

6 Strategies for Reducing Change Saturation

Seventy-two percent of the participants in Prosci’s 2016 Best Practices in Change Management Study indicated they expected a slight or significant increase in the volume of change in their organizations over the next two years. With the increasing volume of change, many organizations are approaching the point of change saturation. Change saturation occurs when the number of changes being implemented exceeds the capacity of the individuals in an organization to effectively adopt and use those changes.

5 Critical Roles of Managers in Leading Change

In 30 years of helping organizations develop the internal capability to successfully implement change, I’ve had the opportunity to train, coach, collaborate with and learn from hundreds of managers. Through those interactions, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for how important managers are to successfully implementing change in organizations. Organizations that are committed to developing the capability of their managers as change leaders are more likely to realize the benefits of the changes they are implementing.

3 Steps for Measuring Change Success

Prosci Best Practices in Change Management 2016 Edition

Prosci’s latest research study, containing new data collected from change practitioners worldwide, will be released to the public this month. The study, which was conducted in 2015, contains analyzed data from 1022 participants and includes a new section on Culture and Change Management.

Involving Employees in Change: 5 Quick Tips

Employee involvement is a key contributing factor for successful change. Employees impacted by change often say that they that they have no control over the changes happening to them.

3 Strategies for Managing Resistance to Change

If you’ve led the implementation of changes in your organization, you will have experienced resistance to change in some shape or form. Here are some of the ways I’ve heard leaders describe that experience:

What if the change you’ve been asked to lead is not the best change for your organization?

The Challenge

If you are the change lead for a project, it’s critical that you believe in the change yourself. What should you do if the change you are leading is not the best change for the organization? The prerequisites for the successful implementation of a change are:

Navigo Awarded Qualified Education Provider™ Status from ACMP®

Navigo recently gained Qualified Education Provider™ status from the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) for the Prosci® Change Management Certification Program.

Achieve Better Outcomes: Integrate Your Project Management and Change Management

Prosci defines the integration of project management and change management using the following equation:


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