The Benefits of Change Management Coaching

Do any of these situations apply to you: ·

  • You are an internal change management practitioner and are dealing with significant challenges that threaten the successful implementation of the project you are supporting?
  • You are leading a large and complex change initiative for your organization and aren't sure what you should be doing to demonstrate effective sponsorship?
  • You are a manager expected to implement an important change with your team and are experiencing difficulty gaining the commitment of team members to the change?

If you are in one of these situations, or something similar, Navigo can help. We offer individual and group coaching services to enable change practitioners, sponsors and managers to be fully effective in their roles. By providing individual support, we can help you develop solutions to specific challenges. Individual coaching can be tailored to your specific needs, offers flexible scheduling and is cost effective.

Andrew Horlick and Heather Lehmann are experienced change management consultants, who are certified instructors in the Prosci® methodology and also familiar with all of the other major change management methodologies in use today. They are also certified coaches and have helped many individuals increase their personal effectiveness. To discuss the challenges you are facing and how coaching might be beneficial, contact Andrew or Heather.