Coming soon: Change management certification standards

The Association of Change Management Professionals’ (ACMP) mission is to advance the “discipline and profession of change management practices that support the success of individual and organization change for the realization of intended business results” (About ACMP).

One way the ACMP is advancing the profession is through the introduction of a set of certification standards. These standards, currently under review, will bring increased rigor and discipline to change management consulting.

So what does this mean for you, the change management practitioner or sponsor? If you’re interested in developing the capability to meet these standards, a certified training program, such as those developed by Prosci, is a great option. As a Prosci Authorized Training Provider, Navigo delivers onsite programs to enable organizations to adopt a structured approach to managing change and support internal consultants in developing their skills as change management professionals. I encourage you to discover what participants from the healthcare, electric utility, and education industries have to say about their experience.

Curious about the ACMP standards or the Prosci methodology? Find out more.